Point of slaes for frontaccounting

Point Of Sales module for Frontaccounting

Curfpos is a module based Point Of Sales for your frontaccounting ERP software. It works with salesman based login system.

Sales Man Login

Curfpos allows to create login for each salesman. To create login for salesman or add login for existing salesman, follow the below steps.

Point of sales module for frontaccounting

Goto POS menu then click the sales persons page. In this page you can add sales man email and password to make login for them.

Modern Interface

CurfPOS has modern user interface. CurfPOS allow to change the theme color and also it support dark mode.

Point of sales module for frontaccounting dark mode

Update Cart Item

It is easy to update quantity or price of item or remove item from cart. When you click item from your cart it will open the item edit popup you can edit or delete item here.

CurfPOS edit item from cart

One Click Checkout

Single click to checkout your cart. You have to enter customer name and phone number. If the phone number is not already exists it will create new customer other then it will use the existing customer.

CurfPOS checkout

Custom Receipt

CurfPOS give A6 receipt template for your pos sales receipt by default. It can be changeable.

Curfpos receipt

Demo CurfPOS

Check our CurfPOS  by using the below demo instance.

Link : http://demo.curfcode.com/curfpos/curfcode/
User name: salesman@gmail.com
Password :12345678

For frontaccounting
Link : http://demo.curfcode.com/frontaccounting
User name: demo
Password :12345678