Install Wordpress

How To Install WordPress On LocalHost

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

Step1 : Install XAMPP on your machine

Read our XAMPP installation tutorial to install XAMPP on your windows machine. If you have already installed XAMPP skip this step.

Step2 : Download latest version of wordpress

Click here to download the latest version of wordpress. After successfully downloaded. Extract the zip file into This PC -> Windows(C:) -> xampp -> htdocs folder.

Install wordpress

Step3 : Setup wordpress

Now open your browser and enter the URL https://localhost/foldername/ . Example https://localhost/wordpress/ . It will open wordpress setup wizard.

install wordpress

Choose your language and click Continue button.

Step4 : Create Database

Install wordpress

click  https://localhost/phpmyadmin/ to open Mysql database. Create new database called wordpress. After creating the database click Let`s go! button.

Step5 : Database Configuration

Now you should entered your database configurations here. And click Submit button.

Step6 : Run installation

After successfully configure your database, click the Run the installation button. It will take some time to install.

Step6 : Site setting

After successfully installed wordpress you should enter your site details here.

Intall wordpress

Enter your site title, username, password and email. Don’t worry you can these settings later. And click Install WordPress .


Congrats you have successfully installed wordpress on your system.

You can view your site by using this URL https://localhost/wordpress/

You can go to your wordpress dashboard by using this URL https://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/

wordpress login

Enter your login credentials which is entered in site settings page and click Log in button.