Install Frontaccounting

How to install frontaccounting

Frontaccounting is a open source web based accounting system. It is completely free to use. In this article i will explain how to install frontaccounting in your local machine with xampp server on windows system.

Here are the simple steps to install frontaccounting

Step1 : Install XAMPP

Read our XAMPP installation article to install XAMPP on your windows machine. If you have already installed XAMPP skip this step.

Step2 : Download latest version

Click here to download the latest version of frontaccounting. Once you downloaded the file, extract the zip file into your XAMPP htdocs folder. After successfully extracted, open your browser and enter https://localhost/frontaccounting/ in your URL. It will open frontaccounting installation wizard.

Step3 : System diagnostics

Install Frontaccounting

Frontaccounting checks your system requirement. If all the the tests are OK click the continue >> button to go to the next step.

Step4 : Database Server Settings

Install Frontaccounting

In database server settings step, you should enter your database name what ever you want and enter your database user and password which is configured with your XAMPP server. After filling these fields click Continue>> button to go to next step.

Step5 : Company Settings

Install Frontaccounting

In company settings step you should add your company name, login name and password. And click install button it will take some time to install frontaccounting on your local machine. After successfully installed you will get the success message.

Install Frontaccouting

click the click here to start to login to the frontaccouting erp system.

Step6 : Login

Frontaccounting Login

You can login to the frontaccounting erp by using your credentials which is you entered in company settings page.